DMA Managed Analytics for SAP

Many companies have spent the last several decades implementing enterprise applications from SAP and other vendors. These applications are integral to business operations and collect massive amounts of information. The race for competitive advantage is now on the business intelligence front. The ability to analyze enterprise application data in more ways gives companies additional opportunities to innovate and find new ways to improve service, retain customers, collaborate with supply chain partners, lower costs, earn market share, and raise profitability, etc.

Just as SAP provided a path out of the custom-built enterprise application era 20 years ago, DMA’s turn-key managed analytic applications are a path to a new era of rapid business intelligence delivery.

DMA Managed Analytic Solutions, built on SAP for SAP

Leading-practice metrics that would normally take years of business analysis to develop can be implemented in weeks with the web-based, DMA managed analytic solutions. The turn-key DMA solutions comprise dozens of interactive, SAP BusinessObjects-based reporting dashboards and scorecards, complete with underlying multiple-source data integration and data warehousing for SAP and other enterprise application data, delivered on-demand over the web for a fixed monthly fee.

DMA Managed Analytics for SAP Highlights

  • Managed analytics delivered on-demand – DMA offers an economical and fast path to insight. DMA managed analytic solutions typically deploy in 10-12 weeks for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions and without impacting your data center.
  • Multi-source data integration – DMA solutions offer patented data discovery and mapping technology, which can help minimize the time required to extract, transform and load (ETL) development cost and risk.
  • Pre-built SAP connectivity – DMA managed analytic solutions include built-in SAP connectivity. The DMA Data Exporter for SAP extracts data from SAP ERP and SAP CRM instances—even those that have been highly customized—and transports it into the DMA cloud-based data warehouse. Data is always pushed to the DMA application; no inbound network paths are required.
  • Secure, scalable data warehouse – DMA managed analytic applications are built on top of a data warehouse, running 24x7 and hosted in a top-tier data center. Data is stored in “single-tenant” databases, meaning that data from different DMA clients does not reside within the same DBMS instance for auditable security and performance benefits.
  • Rich, interactive dashboards and scorecards built on SAP BusinessObjects – With an option to run DMA analytic applications as SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand reports, SAP customers can leverage existing BusinessObjects experience to extend the solution by building and publishing new reports, building out dashboards and utilizing ad-hoc reporting.

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